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For the 2.8F, I do not find the case all that awkward, easy enough to remove when reloading. The older models are a different story. I still have a case for them, because if I had n't, I'd want a lens cap or UV filter to protect the lens.
No matter how good Luigi is, these prices are absurd. I paid far less for my Rollei originals which are solid (it is worth checking that), and otherwise, a local leather repair service may be all you need for a fraction of the price.

That said, I tend to keep mine in a Retrospective 20 bag: one B&W, one colour, meter in between. A case is not really necessary then.
How do you carry film with that then? I have an older Tenba bag that fits both my 2.8E's, my meter, and several pro-packs of film. I'd like something that is slimmer, though, as the Tenba has a bit of a belly.