I always use hardening fixer with film simply because I am a clumsy lout and have scratched negatives on more than one occasion. I have a pile of film in the darkroom that I am itching to develop right now but I ran out of fixer. I put an order in at Henry's in Ottawa two weeks ago and it still has not arrived. Times have changed.

So, my question: since the hardening fixer matters only when the negs are wet, it seems to me that I would not want to drag an 8x10 neg out of an expert drum without using hardening fixer. I can almost hear the scratching sound. Am I wrong? Is there something I am missing?

If this fear is justified, I will just get some fixer somewhere else (and not today), but it is raining today. Pouring. Can't shoot. Can't swim. Can't sit on a patio with a beer...and I am twitching to develop that film.