While not warm-tone paper, I enjoy using regular Ilford MGIV, matte surface. I then use Moersch MT-3 toner, at the most yellow setting, and then I use Harmann selenium toner. The sequence of using dilute bleach, and bleaching back only the highlights, redeveloping in MT-3, wash for 10-15 minutes, and then strong selenium, is possibly the closest thing to a lith print I have gotten.
The Moersch Siena toner could also be useful for this.

You could also use Ilford MGIV processed in regular chemistry about 1/2 stop over-exposed in the enlarger. Bleach fully back in copper sulfate or potassium ferricyanide, and re-develop in lith developer. That can give a semi-lith effect, especially if you tone it after re-developing.

Good luck.