It's all about conspicuous consumption. Only a fool would invest that kind of money in something too big to properly archive and that is going
to fade in a few decades on display, if not far sooner. People who can afford that kind of thing generally don't care. It's about keeping up with
the Jones's and obviously being rich enough to waste as much money as your peers. But the just the mounting of these big installations can
be fairly expensive. Basically deluxe wallpaper, which they'll just switch out when they change the color of the sofa. I see the mega-rich do
the same thing with expensive handcrafted furniture. One dude (whom I won't name) ordered up $320,000 worth of teak benches from a friend
of mine, and instead of refreshing the finish the next year, simply had them hauled to the dump and ordered a new set. Another gazoonionaire cut down half the world's supply of Port Oxford cedar to build a house he never even bother to live in. I see this kind of thing
all the time in this part of the world. It's more about ego than anything else. They do it because they can.