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Yeah, the Rollei is very restrictive. I'm afraid as well regarded as they are, they're really a mostly useless camera.
Ok- I'll feed that troll... unless you're fishing in a backhanded way to get someone to give you their Rolleiflex, you're so far out of line. No, they don't zoom, and no, they don't auto focus or auto expose. But they are incredibly good travel cameras, very handy, quiet, and inconspicuous when you're taking pictures (unless you're like me who takes forever to focus and compose regardless of the camera you're using). They're also great friend-makers - I get more smiles and positive comments/compliments from using mine than from any other camera (I get more comments per capita from the view cameras, but a good third of them are snark about "wow, you can still get film for that?", and the remainder require a 15 minute dissertation on using view cameras). You do NOT need a tripod to shoot a Rollei. A tripod is helpful if you're shooting slow films in low light, but that's true of ANY camera. I routinely hand-hold my Rollei at 1/8 or 1/15th of a second and still get sharp pictures thanks to the lack of a mirror between the lens and film.