Go down the list of the five richest men in the world. At least two of them have been clients of mine in the last week, maybe three of them.
It's called geography, and I'm not exaggerating. Once in awhile the gazooniaire shows up in person. I've had one of em - whose time is so valuable it isn't worth the effort to pick up a hundred dollar bill - sit down with me and haggle the price of a door lock for six hours straight!
Build a $300 million dollar yacht - and set it aside because you want a bigger one with a full-size basketball court on the deck, then immediately
forget that one because you found out some Arab sheik owns something more expensive, so you build a billion dollar yacht. ... those are the
minor purchases... And that's just one of those guys. Build an entire village for your hobby and abondon it and build another one, and yet
another one in an exotic tropical location ... A Gursky print would be pocket change to some of these guys.