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oops, sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Had a Rollei 3.5E I used for years, and it IS on occasion--worthless. Try standing on the beach looking down into that dark screen. Try standing in the sun trying to see somebody in the shadows. You can't see ZILCH. They're slower to use than your Nikon, no close focus at all. Twelve pictures on a 5 or 6 dollar roll of film demands frugality.
Stack that against a 35 with 36 shots on a roll where you can shoot anything and everything and do your culling later. Remember, you'll be far from home with only that Rollei. You'll miss a lot of shots that you wouldn't have missed with the 35. On top of that, a Rollei is a "collectors item", which means you have to protect it all the time. Like carrying around an antique crystal vase the whole time on your vacation.
Wow. Trolling bigtime. Maybe you should stick to digital if getting lots of shots to cull is important.

My rolleiflexes have a magnifier atop the hood and when I put my eye up to that, it blocks the light so I can see well. I shoot them in all weather and lighting conditions. Out of twelve photos, I usually have a couple I am pleased with. That's all I ever want, whether it's a roll of 36 35mm, a hundred or digital photos, or 6 sheets of 4x5 film. I traveled across the country to the pacific coast and with only a yashica TLR, shot 3-4 rolls of film and had a bunch of photos I really enjoyed scanning or printing. It's not a do-everything camera, but TLRs can be deceptively good for general purposes.