Hi there again!

My road to Mount Calvary aka building my own 4x5 compact folder by restoring-modifying took a turn to the worse today when I discovered that the bellows on the donor camera (bought from Rocky cameras) lights up as a starry night when I shine light into it. There are some thin patches, every single corner shines through brightly and so on...
I don't want to spend big buck on another camera, just to discover that there are again pinholes haunting me probably and having replacement bellows made professionally is a bit expensive, it probably would be cheaper to buy a Speed Graphic at that point since I already have a lens and 5 holders coming my way but that wouldn't be any fun, now would it?

Now, two things that popped into my head were thinning the original goop covering on the fabric further with acetone, letting it dry and painstakingly paint it over with liquid electrician's tape, only that some corners have pretty big holes in them, looks like the base material is also damaged...maybe also paint the inner surfaces with it?
Other idea was getting the thinnest blackout cloth I can find and gluing it on the bellows.
The big idea with both of those methods would be covering the faulty material completely to avoid finding and repainting pinholes every other week, that camera will be my main LF workhorse for years to come.

Any other ideas? What would be the pros and cons of the two methods I described?

All the best,