What's the point of owning a Rollei/Leica/Hasselblad if you are too scared to take it out of the house.

Several nights spent on the streets of NYC shooting have taught me that trouble rarely comes to you because of the brand of camera you are holding. Act like a dumbass in the wrong part of town and you'll have a problem, but it won't be because you were acting like a dumbass with a Leica. Do you really think a petty thief is going to know the difference between a Rollei and a Yashicamat? A Leica and a Zorki 4? Just because we do, doesn't mean they do as well.

The Rollei takes up, what, like 4"x7"x4"? It's the camera or an extra bottle of gatorade, big deal.

I'm redacting my previous statement on page 1 and just saying bring whatever you're most comfortable with. Shove a 'flex and a 35mm SLR in your bag and have at it.

As for the "Rollei on the beach" conundrum, if it's really that bright then focusing with the GG shouldn't be an issue because you'll be down at like ƒ/11-22 anyway. All you need is a rough idea of your composition. In my opinion it's far more difficult to focus a Rollei or Hasselblad in very -dim- light than very bright light.