Your wife, my friend... is a keeper.
A F6 aint to shabby for a backup LMAO!!!

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Well, I'm blessed with a wonderful wife who knew I wanted a Nikon F5 or F6... at least that's what I thought she knew! On our anniversary she gifted me with a nice F5 from Adorama. I shot a roll and a half in it - whence I noticed the AF wasn't working properly. Any lens wider than 50mm wouldn't focus to infinity! So I informed my wife, sadly, that the camera must go back. She seemed sadder than I was, but disappeared for a few minutes, then came back and presented me with an F6! She thought I wanted BOTH cameras and purchased both, one for our anniversary, one for my birthday. So I am now the very happy owner of a super nice F6.

For those of you, on the fence, about whether to grab one of these "last great film cameras" I can only say this thing is amazing. Get one, new or used.

I love my wife!