Well it looks like everyone has different experiences with the same papers. The new MGIV floated right up when put in the washer. Same as new Oriental VCII, Bergger VC NB and Emaks. They seem to have similar paper bases. The previous MGIV was 2011 vintage and did not float at all. I move my prints vertically a few times during washing and these always settled to the bottom. Same for my 2011 MGWT. Older MCC, Seagull graded and Forte Polywarmtone are on a different more flexible base and don't float for me. Can't remember what Adox 110 did. Yes I just use the top piece to weigh it down with so no big deal. Actually it's easier to move the prints during the wash with the floaters. Take off the top and they just bob up and down on their own. The others you have to reach it to grab, move them up and down a couple times and then they sink.