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Brute force papers over all kinds mediocrity. I've stated this before in this thread. Way before Maier was an internet sensation and lay people marveled at my portfolio I would tell them if you are semi competent, take enough pictures, and edit carefully you will have a decent portfolio. I never imagined someone putting that philosphy on steriods and cranking out 100,000 negatives.
So are you calling her "semi competent"? A portfolio of the best of mediocre images will still be a mediocre portfolio.

As for your attempt at amateur psychoanalysis:

She made photographs for how long- 50 years? That averages out to 2000 a year. Less than 170 a month, less than 40 a week, less than 6 a day. What's extraordinary about that? Adams made over 40,000 negatives in his lifetime, the majority with a view camera. Nobody speculates about his soundness of mind for taking so many.

I've sometimes exceeded her average monthly output in a day, when the subjects warranted it. Even more often over a weekend. That's five 36 exposure rolls of 35mm film. And that's with very little bracketing. Many here have done the same. Is it so hard to conceive that she shot 17 rolls of 120 in a month? 40 pictures a week? How many of us have regularly gone out with our 35mm cameras to take pictures for several hours and did not have at least one extra 36 exposure roll?

She had a passion for photographing. That doesn't make it a mental disorder.
She chose to photograph with her spare time. Some people spend hours gardening. Some do woodworking. Some have model railroads, or make toothpick models of the Eiffel Tower. Some restore or customize cars. Some listen for hours to their high-end sound systems.
Some just sit on their asses in front of the TV. Or the computer.