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Madness I know, but I simply love my current Nikon Fm3a and I'm thinking of getting a second unit for the sheer joy of having one incase my current own conks out (blesphemy I know!). Or maybe I could save it for future investment or as a possible future gift to my children in the future .

What do you think?
I simply love my current Nikon Fm3a
as a collector I can advise you that 1 only buy NIB units 2 DO NOT USE IT

if you can not follow these rules for investment cameras then don't buy. FM3a bodies in used condition are just that, used cameras and are not worth the price they are bringing right now. Any FM3a purchase right now that is not a NIB unit is a waste of money if you are looking for an investment, prices are dropping and will go lower for quite a while.Even a NIB camera right now that runs 1200-2000 will only be worth about that much 20-30 years from now.