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I would suggest that an extensive overhaul is in order for your F3 if it's film advance has deteriorated to the level of those trio! The FG is as sophisticated as any camera of that time but nobody is mistaking it's cheap feel with any of the manual F's.

The F3's film advance is smooth but if buttery smooth film advance across the whole range is the criteria, then my vote goes to the Minolta XE-7. Try it at your own risk as it may leave you wondering if there is something wrong with your other camera's film advance . . .
Every single F3 I've used has had the same feel to it. Even like new condition F3/T cameras. It makes sense, since Nikon did, after all, use the same mechanism in the EM, FG, and FG-20 that they did in the F3. It's that way by design.

Try an FG with your F3 next to it. You'll see that it is the same.