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And the reasoning behind your medical assertion regarding Ms. Maire is...



* The audience is listening...
Obviously not. I have typed enough in this thread on that topic that if you want to know the answer you can just read my posts. If that is not enough then you can ask me a specific question. Many of the responses to my posts on the topic of mental illness were false as I demonstrated with my last post.

At this point this is like one of my encounters with hardcore DSLR users in public. They ask me about my camera and when I tell them it is a film camera they start going on and on about how digital is better. Thankfully this has only happened a couple of times but I don't waste my time explaining to them why I shoot film. Don't get me wrong I have turned a few people on to film but they were people that were receptive. I know people have zingers that they like to use on digital people but I don't. Why bother? It's not like you are going to convince them. I'm just polite and end the conversation as soon as possible and get back to shooting before I lose my light. So I have to end this conversation. I will not be returning to this thread. I do this as much for everyone else as I do it for myself. Thank you and good bye.