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WELL this is worrying me... can someone point to a number of frames i can take - both 120mm and 35mm/per week - so as not to bring any attention to my 'possible' mental state.

sometimes i shoot both during the same week, so if you can give me a way to compensate for both, i would be eternally grateful, not to mention relieved.
Yeahh, I've been thinking that I might need some help in this area as well. Of course, after several thousand frames of my own, I have not noticed any tendency toward eye-catching, creative, photos. Since I doubt that anyone would be tempted to purchase my negatives, and then sell them on e-bay posthumously, I may still be safe.

And in case someone makes the mistake of believing that I am poking fun at mental health, I am most definitely not. As Noble says, it is a serious issue that is often, tragically, ignored. However I have a sneaking suspicion that speculating on apug that someone may have had mental health problems based on their occupation coupled with the tendency to take, but not develop, a lot of pretty good pictures, is not going to change that.