So let me get this straight. The guy comes on here, speculates about Maier's mental health based on the number of pictures she took, gets disagreed with, and decides that we just don't get it, man. So he decides he won't discuss it with us poor benighted souls any further. But not before posting as some kind of proof of his assertion an article from, which article is in itself a series of speculations and disagreements with prior speculations on Mozart's mental state, based only on his biography and letters. Mozart died 65 years before Freud was even born, and a bunch of gummint eggheads think they're so smart they can reach conclusions on the man's mental health. Psychoanalysis is as fraught with fads, disagreement and intellectual arrogance as any other soft science, i.e., those which do not have to submit to strict scientific method.
I have learned through the years to be suspicious of anyone who thinks they can psychoanalyze another person by long-distance, especially when they have no training in it. Every one I have known had some issues of their own. Not sayin' that's the case here, just sayin'.