I have a buddy. He's a good buddy, but he has a problem. When he gets interested in something, he has to buy up the whole world. No health insurance, he lives in a dilapidated trailer, has no savings, but he has 40 lawnmowers, 40 motorcycles, a hundred cameras, 30 crock pots, 30 pressure cookers, on and on and on. He's a good old boy and a Christion, but why do you need to go on ebay every day and buy a used bible? What do you need with 40 bibles?
Every camera he's got needs work. You can't buy these old cameras and just use them--they need lubrication and calibration. Why does somebody need a hundred of everything? I believe it's bipolar disorder.
At some point, collecting when you have no visible means of support is a mental illness. I just bought a nice Nikon FTN for 80 dollars. I'm sure some Hasselblad stuff is soon to be out the door. Discipline. Financial responsibilities come first.