Hi everyone. Just joined out of desperation as I have a small problem...

About 5 years ago I purchased a few custom Series D lensboards and a Graflok conversion kit from Bert Saunders, a name familiar to all of us who use RB Graflexes. Well, I made immediate use of the lenboards, but somehow never got around to completing the back conversion. Yesterday I stumbled across the conversion plate and a spare Graflok back and said 'what the heck...'

Problem is that I can't find the fasteners he sent me and seeing how my emails came back with an invalid address and his phone seems to be disconnected, I'm afraid he may no longer be is business.

So I am not sure how to finish this project. This is the schematic he sent me:
STEP 8.jpg

I don't know how long the set of 5x 2-56 screws and blind nuts are supposed to be. I can see the other set of 14 are 1/8" - So I will ask anyone who has installed one of his kits, if they can give me the specifications of the 2-56 screws and nuts, I would really appreciate it.