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Now why didn't I say something brilliant like that? Oh, I did. Agreed. But since I enrolled on here, I came to note that Rodinal has its fans. Some things defy understanding.
Rodinal has its fans because it gives superb results with the right films, it's particulary good at bringing out the best all round qualities of modern T grain (and similar) films like Tmax 100, Delta 100, APX100 etc. I used it as my main dveloper for about 20 years before switching to Pyrocat HD.

Contrary to many comments some of the finest grain images I've seen made with 35mm films have been with APX100 and Tmax100 developed in Rodinal, of course APX25 was finer but it's bee discontiued for some time now.

Rodinal needs careful temperature control accross the whole process cycle including washing to get the best results but then this is true of all developer/film combinations.