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Hi guys,
You're all absolutely right, there are nice alternatives.
But maybe we just like to fool around (I mean to test) with Rodinal and Ilford film, just to see what it can (not) do and to what extend we can influence the process and results.

To quote Bill Watterson: "You mix a bunch of ingredients, and once in a great while, chemistry happens."
and Davey Coleman: "Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there’s no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done."

Relax everyone and respect each other. This thread is just and only about having fun with testing Rodinal, to see what it can do. Not about preaching or dishing Rodinal or whatever. Please humor us in our diluted ways ....

It's about having fun and fooling around with a certain developer at hand and still having fun, not judging or disqualifying any other developer.

If I want to dwell on how get to the USA or Australia from Holland by rowing boat, you can tell me it is easier to go by plane, but if I only want to use a rowing boat this time - silly as it may be - tell me how you think I can do this best & safely, instead of comparing the track records of several airline companies over and over. I love airplanes and next time I will take one, but just for now I would like to dwell on the thought of roaming across the ocean, just because I can - like the Dutch did since 1602.
Please indulge me on my foolish ways and join the conversation just for the sake of it.....

Let go of all your experiences, certainties and traditions for once and say: what if ..... and have fun