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I'd make new bellows, it's not difficult. I need to make a few sets in the next month or so for some restorations, a half plate camera and a quarter plate enlarger, (both Thornton Pickard) and also for two new cameras I'm building.

Most of us are wary of buying from Rocky cameras, having seen him in action purchasing items I'd steer well away. He has a reputation . . . . . . . .

Yeah, I've heard about his reputation but thought of givin him a chance. Big mistake. Already opened a dispute as the camera was described as in fully working order and optically perfect. Besides the bellows being nothing but pinholes, the shutter was sticky and way off on the slow speeds, the glass had fungus and haze and half of the metal parts have corrosion. This was marketed as in fully working order

I'll PM you regarding the bellows, Ian!