I have had three different pro-labs ruin my 4x5 color negs with inconsistent processing in the last year. I live in Rochester so I took the results to Kodak. It seems that the labs are not using enough burst agitation in the dip and dunk machine which leaves a "mottled or splotchy" look to the clear sky. One lab uses a JOBO rotary tube machine and that left streaks down the right side of all the film. I shoot with readyloads, I've tried different emulsions with both Fuji NPS and Kodak Portra VC and both films exhibit the problem - (Fuji is very slightly less) I also shot Tmax 4x5 and processed it myself and got good smooth tone in the clear sky. I have been working with large format for nearly 20 years and have never experienced this type problem.

Anybody else experiencing problems with getting their 4x5 color film processed? Can anyone suggest a truly good professional lab? Possibly one in NYC?