I have experience with Panalure havingworked for a lab. Assuming Ilford's paper to be similar, you will probably see more contrast than you expect. When printing color negatives, colors will be rendered in the same way panchromatic film renders colors. For instance a red flower will reproduce a much lighter gray value than it on a non-panchromatic paper. Another interesting effect is that the grain that is evident when printing small negatives is accentuated when printing color negatives on non-panchromatic papers, due to the fact that the yellow grain-dye bits are not printing and remain white, while the cyan grain-dye bits are printing very dark. Printing on panchromatic papers typically lessens that effect. In addition, color filters can be used in the same manner they are used on the camera.

And the paper is very fast and excellent for in camera paper negatives.

Doug Schwab
Brooklyn, NY