Good morning all,

I am gathering the required equipment to make my bathroom into a temporary darkroom. My bathroom is actualy setup pretty well for printing and loading film onto the reel. There are two doors, one leading in from the hallway and the other is seperating the vanity from the tub and toilet. With both doors shut, there is no light at all. My idea is to have the enlarger on the wall opposite from the vanity and my print chem and washing in the tub. Should the mirror be covered? I am not sure if reflecting light will effect the print. I am not sure if one or two safelights would be needed, one for printing and the second for the baths. The room is roughly 4.5' by 12'. The sectioned area is rougly 5.5' by 4.5'.

Over the past few months, I've picked up a Durst F60 enlarger, Time-O-Lite GR72 timer and a premier 4 in one easel. The next item on my list is a safelight. I plan on using VC paper. What is the difference between an orange "OC?" and red safelight? Also, I hear both good and bad about the bulbs that have the red coating on them. Would I be better off getting one that has a filter?

At the moment, I plan to print 5x7 and 8x10. What would be a recommended tray size?