Ok so yesterday I made a bunch of prints solarized and now I am bleaching them to lift the highlights.

Here is a quick observation now that I am ten prints into it.

A squeegee is very helpful and slow running water, I bought a whole range of brushes at home depot, and am using a pot ferr and pot bromide combo as Ian suggest, I am refiixing and hypo clear and wash before I get to the next stage.

By using the squeegee each time you use the brush, you can lay down bleach exactly where you want it without it running , I have the prints on a metal sheet propped up with a 2x4 one its end, the bleach stays there and is perfect for my application.

The angel of the metal is key as well the water should be slow running as not to move the bleach around or have the bleach fall vertically where one does not want it.

I feel great about this and hope it is the key for this project... time will tell.