I think the operative phrase in your post said "Gave up the ghost". Look at it this way: It's been loyal to you, produced great images and now it's tired. It deserves to rest comfortably, perhaps without heroics at life-saving to improve it's longevity not necessarily the quality of it's life.

Assuming you go into sticker shock if you get an estimate on fixing this and want to replace it with a newer CF-T lens, take a look at keh.com. They offer trade-ins, provide longer warranties on used eq. these days, and are a really reputable outfit as opposed to say E-Bay when (unfortunately) you don't always know what you're getting. Dave Odess gets about $200 bucks to CLA a lens. That's without parts and about 1/2 the cost of a newer 80mm CF-T.

often it just comes down to a cost benefit analysis.
Take it light.