No, I know the difference. Both the light used to expose a scene for exposure and light used to view slides (projector or viewbox) both have a specific color temperature to them. Im interested in the optimal color temperature bulb for VIEWING a slide. using different color termperature bulbs on a projector will have a difference on the white balance of the projected image for example. Im assuming all slides I view were exposed under the correct lighting conditions (daylight) or indoor using a filter.

if incandescent bulbs were what they used for viewing slides when kodachrome first came out, then they would have 2500-3300K color temperature which is an yellow-orangey colored light. Also to be clear, Im more interested in the modern Kodachrome that recently got discontinued. I understand that the recent Kodachrome is different than the Kodachrome from the 1930s. So I would imagine the viewing illuminant requirements would be different.

Im interested in what the correct viewing illuminant would be in Kelvins (Im a calibration freak btw, so I dont want to just eyeball the best looking one)