..forget those 'poo-poo' replies! This condition is most definitely the film. ILFORD has never addressed this issue. We dont know what actually causes it, but suspect this happen to long cold stored film. Something in the paper is causing a reaction in the emulsion.

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HEY....here's what I was looking for a year ago--I determined it was the film too--although when I brought out this problem to another photo online community, my results were poo poo'ed and the popular opinion was that I was to blame for the spot problem. Nice to see that other people have the exact same problem and have made the exact same determinations--it's the film.

I also suspected that it's a result of storage conditions/refrigeration, but I have nowhere near enough information on how my film was stored before I got it, so this is, at best, speculation.

HOWEVER--maybe it's something else--I got black spots on REVERSAL processed film. So if the spots are black in the negative AND black in the positive, then maybe it's something else.

I've also thought it maybe some gelatain globules with dark dye in them are seeping out or breaking free from the edges/corners of the film and going into the processing solution and thence adhering to the film surface--or something that causes teeny black particles to form in the processing (or be liberated) which adhere to the film and stick when drying.