PLUS-x 35mm is a great film for B&W-sildes.


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don't try to reverse plus-x--you'll be disappointed unless you have very special circumstances you must photograph. It does have an extremely high dynamic range, but it looks flat for normal scenes.

there are many many threads on reversal going on. look at the one on "brown stain"--a dude just gave his recipe for reversing fp4. Note that this formula uses hypo in the developer which is something that I avoid, since it reduces quality at the expense of shorter processing times and increased apparent film speed. The best way to start us using a very very strong high contrast developer--d-19 is the go-to recommendation in this case. For bleach, the best, by far, is a dichromate (potassium, ammonium, sodium, whateverum)--these solutions are very stable whereas the permanganate bleaches erode while you're mixing them. Note that permanganate is every bit as dangerous as dichromate, so don't be afraid of it. Just take proper precautions, educate yourself on how to handle chemicals, and you'll be just fine.