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clayne: They may be similar in 2D size looking at them from the front, but the F3 occupies a lot more volume. I don't just mean in the sense of how much water it displaces; I mean real-world, how-much-space-does-it-take-in-a-bag-or-a-pocket. I can fit my M3 with a collapsible lens in my front pocket. I couldn't fit an F3 in there even without a lens mounted.
You know what else you couldn't fit in your front pocket? Your M3 with any other normal Leica lens that doesn't collapse. Try doing that trick with a 50 'cron which would be a much realistic comparison.

The only real difference in size is the prism and that's a given seeing that its an SLR. As someone who owns both an F3 and an M4 and used them together countless times I'm simply stating F3 size is a non-issue and on the smaller end of the scale.