My newly acquired Ensign King enlarger, free from a moderatoror on a UK Forum earlier this year. I found a nice 6" Dallmeyer enlarger lens on Ebay last month to go with it, I had one similar but unfortunately stolen with some other lenses a few years ago, this one's coated.

So far I've stripped it all down and have been cleaning up the wood work, it's been sanded down and lightly French polished, a bit more sanding and more French polish and it'll be done, I want the finish to be as close to riginal as possible so no modern lacqeurs. The condesers are for quarter plate but the plate holder will take larger if I make the relevant adapter. I need to check but the condensers are on a board that's interchangeable and I have a larger set I used to use with a point source enlarger, they may just fit. Should be OK for Half plate and 5x4.

The enlarger had been converted many years ago to use an electric bulb, a nice part is that side panel on the lamp housing has a safe-light filter. There's not much to do, the metal work of the lamp housing needs rust treatment and then painting, then there's a metal piece missing on the rear that will require fabricating - that'll be the hardest job, then some wooden lens boards but I make these routinely. There's also the original red lens filter that will need a new filter fitted, I may try and find a secondhand glass filter or sandwich the relevant acetaes beween glass.

I also acquired a paper holder by chance last Autumn this sits in front of the enlarger and holds the paper vertically, I may use it as a model to make one more suited to this Ensign enlarger

So tomorrow I'll maybe finish the wood work and start on the lamp housing.

Some like Gandolfi's others Deradorff's, I've just love Houghton cameras mainly by chance and now have 3 field cameras (quarter, half and whole plate) two Ensign SLR's (quarter plate and 6x9 roll film), plus a couple of 6x9 (& 6x6 dual format) folders one's an 820 Selfix the other a Ranger (I think) but I'm fitting an unknown 107mm f4.5 Ensar which appears to be a prorotype Xpres.