If you are a user of Sylvania Press #25/25B or General Electric #5/5B flashbulbs with your Graphic press camera, then you might be interested the following listing:


It's an offer for brand new, never used Graflite right-angle adapters w/reflectors. The seller claims he had a full case of these assemblies, never opened. I had him double-check the Graflex catalog number and confirm that the adapter and reflector pieces were both included before purchasing two assemblies for myself. The listing currently shows eight remaining at this time. I don't know if the seller has more after these are gone.

If your current adapter is unreliable and/or has seen better days, this would appear to be a rare chance to replace it with a brand new one.

I have absolutely no connection with this seller whatsoever. I just thought there might be a few APUG press camera owners who might be interested. Also note that while I have placed my order, I have not yet actually received the items to inspect them directly.