I have always found Vivian Maier's story to be both beautiful and very sad. I think she did create photos just for herself. She was very talented and even her first work in France showed she had a keen eye. The Dali series is outrageous. Her self portraits are beautiful. I also wonder what she would think of the fame her work has now achieved today. I hope to one day see her prints but can only guess what/how she would have printed.

I am not defending Noble's stance but the movie theater manager first mentioned she seem very reclusive and may have had mental issues. He was certainly no expert but did have 13 yrs of interaction with her. I also believe the mother also had issues and was institutionalized (I need to watch the video again). Vivian certainly did not have a normal childhood. The photographing or recording of her paychecks and documents did seem odd. She was known to hoard old papers. To me, this just adds another layer to the sadness to what I think was her life. I hope I am wrong and she lived a happy life as she wanted.