For sale is an 8x10 B&J wooden field type camera (not a monorail). Its a project camera I picked up a couple of years ago but projects and 8x10 don't really fit in my schedule so it's time. It's actually usable as is, but it's not pretty and usage is a bit limited. It includes the extension rail and 8x10 and 5x7 backs. It's the typical B&J gray, and pretty grimy. Every bit of metal on it has a layer of rust (that'll clean up with CLR or your de-ruster of choice, and a scotchbrite pad). The bellows are a thick grayish material. There were light leaks on the two top edges, in the front half dozen or so corners and a couple of the back ones - I patched those with Tulip fabric paint and they look light tight now. The backs look to be off a 2-D - they're unpainted wood - but fit fine. I got the extension rail separately (much earlier actually) and its much cleaner than the camera. The thumbscrew for the camera base rail was bent so I swapped it out for the one from the extension. So, you'll need to straighten the thumbscrew or get another one to use the extension. there's no tripod block (nice to have but you can live without it). There's a tripod mount on the front rail section. Movements lock tight but, typical with these cameras, the metal brackets can flex a bit on the base. lensboards are 6x6, interchangeable with the Kodak 2-D. Typical of many of these (and Eastman 2-D's), the standard tends to jump and go out of square when crossing between the base and the rail. Vesta lens shown is not included. Photos on Flickr and more on Flickr (Vesta not included). The two reducing backs shown are included if you want them - they're heavy and I think fairly useless.

I'd be looking for around $350 (+shipping).


IMG_8539 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr