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You seem to be missing the "C" shaped weights which are used to form a loop of 35mm film. The film is attached at both ends to the top and then weighted by the clamp which only contacts the base side of the film. The film should be wiped with a very dry but damp sponge before placing in the cabinet to prevent contact marks at the end of the loop.

Ron thanks for the intel!! Are these weights and clamps outta my league to make myself? I am ok with tools, no arch welding or German metalcraft skills though

I can't seem to find a decent image of one'a these cabinets with the weights/clamps to even visualize what you describe....should I do as Matt suggests below and call it a day?

I might send an email to Kindermann too, worth a shot

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Waste frame 15, 16, 17, or 18 on each film you shoot (depending on how you sleeve your negatives).

Cut each film in half for drying through the wasted frame.