I have a lovely Zeiss Super Ikonta III, from Certo6.com, a well known supplier of CLA'd folders. It's a 6x6 folder, with coupled range finder in nice condition with case/strap.

I'm looking to trade this because although it works perfectly, and is a great camera, I'm looking for something a bit more rugged for travel use. With these models of camera, also, you need to apply a little tape to the back of the film paper to get good frame spacing. This is no problem at home, I've done it many times and it works fine, but it's not conducive to being reloaded on the move.

So, I'd like to trade this for camera more suited to travel, I'm thinking along the lines of...

Bessa range finder like R2M or R3M, or Bessa T. For a R2M or R3M, I can add a little money, as they would seem to be the more valuable cameras.
Some kind of SLR, perhaps some kind of Nikon, Pentax MX or LX, Leica R4, again, can add some money for models more valuable.

Or feel free to offer something else.

I'm in the UK, and it's probably easier to keep this in the European Union in terms of shipping and import taxes etc.