My very simple theory is:
When the image is recorded on film, one has to do everything possible to give birth to this image by developing it correctly by means of a proven and proper technique. The darkroom work is very technical. There is no place for improvisation or voodooism in there. Once the image is recorded the darkroom technician (the photographer himself or anyone else) has to go by strict guidelines in order to get the most. And yes, "the most" involves printing. Scanning strips at least 50% of any given film's information and its inherent conctrast curve and native properties.
If one is scaning and not printing in the darkroom, the choice of film and developer is absolutely unimportant. You can then stand develop for a whole week with ilfosol in a fridge (yeah, it's been recommended by someone on apug some time ago) and it would be ok (ugh!)!