I've mentioned in other posts that my paternal grandmother passed away 2 1/2 years ago at 97. My parents got the job of cleaning out her house (which had been occupied by family members since its beginning in 1832). Her father had done a lot of photography and my parents did find a relatively large number of old negatives, which they brought to me. I do have cool places to store them in this house, but we're about to move to Iowa. I doubt that it would be a good idea to put them in the moving truck or in what I'll be driving as it's summer and I won't have as much control over constant temp. I don't really have time to scan all of them before moving (there are probably at least a hundred and they don't fit current neg sizes).
Some are from vacations (England, Matterhorn, Old Faithful, etc..) and many are family (slightly labeled, not all). Dates noted are mostly between 1900 and 1940ish. He was a fairly decent photographer.
Is there any chance of there being a place I can store them 'til I'm back here? Should I just toss the early family history (oh how that would stab me in the heart) or just do as many as I can and toss the rest? They currently look to be in decent shape, but I read that that can change quickly and unpredictably.