I'm not really a large format guy...so wanted to find a home for this.

Rochester Optical Corporation "King" 8x10 camera. $550

This camera was produced between 1897 and 1903 by ROC, who were subsequently bought by Eastman Kodak. It is constructed of Mahogany with brass fittings. The produced the King model in several sizes of which 8x10 was one. Need a bit more info? See the below link or just google Rochester Optical Corporation King.


Yes, this camera has some scratches and dings, and is a bit dusty as you can see in the photos. Yes, it does have some finish worn off the front standard as another photo shows. Yes, the handle needs to be replaced. However, the bellows has been recently replaced and looks to be in nice shape, all of the gearing works, and the rear glass is intact ( I also measured it..it's exactly 8x10).

Yes, I know that most of the cameras of this era had their own holders and they can be hard to find. So, check out the close up photo....this camera has had a channel chiseled in the back in order to facilitate the use of modern holders!

So, while she might not be the prettiest belle at the ball, she's ready to get right to work without any extra work being done.

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