If the question is "Was Vivian Maier a normal person?", I think the answer is "Of course not, just like anyone achieving extraordinary things in their life. Normal people do only normal things. It takes extraordinary circumstances and extraordinary people to do extraordinary achievements like the one she did". If you start categorizing every little differences of behavior and everyone's unique way of thinking and living, inventing a name of an illness for each category, you end up with the impression of being surrounded by abnormal people. Normality is a fuzzy concept. With a limited income, I understand easily how come she ended up not developing a significant amount of her negatives. I would guess most of the non-developed rolls are from her later days. I guess at some point she chose to spend her money in shooting film and renting storage to keep it. I think in the back of her mind she felt the need to create those images and let it have a chance to survive times. I believe she would be happy that after her death someone would find her pictures, develop and print them at last. I guess she didn't care for recognition, but I think she judged her pictures to have an inner value worth saving for the times to come. I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary by John Maloof because he has audio tapes she recorded, so maybe we can finally hear what she really thought.