A case full of camera gear was stolen from my car last night.
Car was parked inside the garage. The person or persons entered the garage and rifled the car.
Location stolen: Erie, Pa - Neighborhood near Erie Airport

Stolen items include:
Roleiflex Automat TLR and leather carry case.
Pentax Super Program 35mm SLR -- 50mm f-2 automatic aperture lens.
Pentax motor drive for above.
Gossen Luna Pro handheld light meter and leather carry case.
Black Pelican case with cube foam insert. -- Name and phone number inscribed on case in white letters.

All serial numbers are recorded. Photos of each item on record.
Police report filed with local police. Above information included in report.
Since this occurred inside an occupied structure, the charges will also include B&E/Burglary.
Serial numbers have been entered into stolen goods database.

Will be watching Ebay, Craigslist ,et. al.

Cash reward will be paid for return or information leading to return.
Prefer to resolve this situation without further involvement from the police.

Randy Stankey
E-mail address of record at APUG.org or PM.


Randy S.