Clearing shelf space and going back to only having equipment that I can use regularly/don't need work to use. If you're involved with a school and could use these in the photo program, PM me and I'll gladly work something out to get these in students hands.

NOTE: I am heading out of country on Wednesday, so I can ship them prior (Monday or Tuesday this week) or after the 20th of July. Save me some trouble and help me with travel expenses: all for $200 plus shipping (should be $20 if they all fit in a large flat rate box for US, but with this many items I can't promise that they will).

Paypal or pickup in SoCal (I will drive to LA area before I leave to make a deal). I'm in 92116 San Diego. Photos will be attached to future posts.

1. Honeywell Spotmatic (jammed film advance), good for parts. Serial: 4342727. $10 plus shipping.

2. K1000, shutter sounds good, maybe a little slow on low speeds. Includes Pentax body cap and bottom half of case. Serial: 7674477. $25 plus shipping.

3. Mamiya/Sekor 1000TL (Not the dual version with spot meter). Includes Mamiya 55/1.8 and UV filter. Shutter sounds good. $40 plus shipping.

4. Ricoh TLS (dual viewfinder version). Cracked mirror, but functions fine. $15 plus shipping.

5. Sears 80-200/4.0 (K-mount) with extended macro range. $15 plus shipping.

6. Saitex 28/2.8 in K-mount, clean glass, I just prefer M42. $10 plus shipping.

7. Quantaray 28/2.8 in M42, 1:4 close focus. Looks unused, I have a Pentax 28mm so this has sat. $15 plus shipping.

8. Sigma 35-70/2.8-4 in K mount, 1:6.7 close focus. "Zoom-Master" and multicoated, very compact (about the same size as a 50/4 macro). Includes original caps. $15 plus shipping.

9. Pentax A3000. Corrosion in battery chamber, shutter blades are jacked up. $5 plus shipping, free with any other purchase.

10. Pentax Takumar-A 70-200/4 in K mount. Glass is clean, all functions. I don't use zooms. $15 plus shipping.

11. Prospec MC Auto zoom 35-70/3.5-4.5 in KA mount, made in Korea. 1:4 macro at 70mm. $10 plus shipping.

12. Prospec MC Auto zoom 28-70/3.5-4.5 in KA mount, made in Korea. 1:5 macro at 70mm. $10 plus shipping.

13. Phoenix/Samyang zoom 28-70/3.5-4.5 in KA mount, made in Korea. Focus to infinity at right. 1:5 macro at 70mm. $10 plus shipping.

14. Kiron (by Kino Precision) 28-70/3.5-4.5 in KA mount, made in Japan. Two separate rings for focus/zoom. 1:4 macro. Big scratch (coating only, it looks like) on front element. $5 plus shipping.

15. Vivitar M42 28mm f/2.5 (67 filter version). Looks unused. Serial starts with 22, made by Kino. Includes caps. $50 plus shipping.

16. Vivitar 135mm f/2.5 in TX mount, no adapter included. Very clean. $30 plus shipping.

17. Vivitar 50mm f/1.9 in M42. Includes skylight filter and hood. $20 plus shipping.

18. Asahi Pentax right angle adapter, fits K series, M42 bodies, and Minoltas, and late model Canons with the smaller viewfinders. $15 plus shipping.

19. Asahi Spotmatic "SP" with self-timer. Very good condition, aside from around battery compartment. Meter works/is accurate, includes bottom half case. Film tested. Serial: 2615182. $25 plus shipping.

20. Honeywell Spotmatic with self-timer. Good condition, definitely used and it shows. Serial: 2994339. $15 plus shipping.

21. Ricoh TLS 401. Waist finder. Self-timer, spot meter and averaging meter selection. Aside from a cracked mirror (doesn't move), overall good condition, but used. Serial: 02141289 $30 plus shipping.

22. Pentax ME. Very good condition but bottom plate has use marks, I just prefer ability to run full manual metering. Serial: 9705798 $35 plus shipping.

23. Ricoh Singlex (M42) in black. Probably a parts camera. Missing winder, rewind knob, battery cover, some leatherette and name plate. Brassed a bit. $5 plus shipping.

24. Asahi/Pentax M42 rear lens cap new in bag. Gold printed, crown logo. $15 plus shipping.

25. Asahi Pentax cold shoe mount for Spotmatics/similar. Well used, brassed. $5 plus shipping, or throw in with any other item.

26. Asahi Pentax cold shoe mount (Accessory Clip) new in box. $15 plus shipping.

27. Pentax M42/K mount adapter (OEM/original). Looks hardly used. $55 plus shipping.

28. Perfect copy (not flanged) of #27. $15 plus shipping.

29. Un-branded K-mount reverse adapter for 49mm (most Takumar, early K-mount lenses). Looks new in box, box is orange and has some nice 70s design elements to it. $15 plus shipping.

30. Super Takumar 200mm f/4.0. Clear/clean glass, aperture doesn't respond to ring. $10 plus shipping.