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Thanks, everyone... i'll have to give it a go (the axis lighting)
As for the final look of the image.. the actual print, and not the negative... that is just something i won't get then?
because today's papers are not the same, as patrick robert james mentioned?...

or does anyone know where i can get a pack of similar paper..

i swear the thing shimmers, like super-fine glitter. (maybe it's just in my head, but man, it's so beautiful)
The papers of today do not have the same surface quality and depth of tone. I don't know why. I do know the power of EW's prints. I encountered a print of his on permanent display at the Cleveland Art Museum showing a photo he took in a cemetery that had so much depth and shimmering tone that I went back 3 days in a row and stared at it.
You could kind of get that charcoal affect pre the mid 1980s by using Agfa paper and Amidol delveloper if you had processed your film in a developer that had good contrast in the mid tones. But it isn't possible today. Even Edward Weston in his time decried the decline in quality of silver gel paper.