I had been peeping Ikoflex porn on the web for many months, usually just before bed while my girlfriend browsed Pinterest. And when she'd ask me what I was looking at, I would turn red and say, "oh just camera stuff."

Now, after all that "research," I've got one on the way.

It's a pre-war II/III, handpicked for its pedestrian Triotar lens.

I've fancied myself a lens snob for some time and I view it as a sign of maturity that I settled on the character of the uncoated triplet over the more fashionable Tessar variant.

I'm not entirely new to medium format. Once, a long time ago, I used a Pentax 67 for about a year. But I have made probably 20x the number of 35mm negatives that I have medium format negatives and at least that many prints. I eventually traded my Pentax 67 gear for a Contax S2 setup. My introduction to Contax and Zeiss.

And that, as they say, was that. It was 35mm only, from that point forward.

So, this Ikoflex en route to me marks the beginning of a new era. I already have a freezer full of expired 120 film, a lot of Plus-X and TMY plus some color E-6 that I got for a dollar a roll, right out the freezer of a pro who retired locally. And I have an Omega c67 that's with a dust cover draped over it, sitting patiently in my darkroom.

Anyway, I am excited.

And I finally told my girlfriend what I had been doing every night before bed. She was nonplussed, bordering on disinterested.