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I don't understand the need to leave anything at home... you can't take pictures with no camera. If you come across a great slide/color/b&W opportunity and don't have a camera loaded appropriately... well...

I too am vacationing soon, taking a Nikon F6, F100, F3, D600, D7000, Pronea 6i, and maybe my Rolleicord. If they sit in the car or hotel, so what?
Too many choices, too many different formats - if you're ready for every possible photo, you'll end up taking none, or at least not getting any good ones, because your head space will be on a different camera/film/format, and you won't have one at the ready when the moment passes. And it means packing three film formats- if you run out while shooting with one, you might be stuck with no additional film for that camera, so you'd have to turn around and go back to the hotel/car to get a different camera for which you still have film. Same with batteries - if they're all different, if one conks out, you can't grab a spare from the other camera and keep shooting.