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I was in London this weekend and I went to see the Salgado Genesis exhibition at the Natural History Museum. It's an astounding and fantastic show that left me awestruck, overwhelmed and inspired.

What I would have liked to learn however was which cameras, film and printing techniques he used.

I recently went to see the Ansel Adams show at the maritime museum and this kind of information was given. All prints were made by Adams himself, unless otherwise stated.

Some of the Salgado images seem optically impossible and to produce such an extensive corpus of work in a darkroom would be a feat all of its own. I would be very interested to know:

Which cameras does Salgado use?
What film does he use?
What paper are they printed on and are they darkroom prints?
Are these images digital and have they been developed and manipulated in Photoshop?

Whatever the answers are, the show is amazing and the images are mind-blowing. I can only recommend a visit to see these works which were obviously taken and made my a master.

If anyone has any information on his techniques, I would greatly appreciate answers or links to more information about his process.

EDIT: I just found this article which lists his equipment. It appears he uses digital technology. A Canon 1DS Mk III.

EDIT: I found this article which explains a little more

EDIT: I found this on the Ilford site:

EDIT: More on his digital process. I guess I've answered all of my questions here.
Yes, digital..now the question: does that make you love the show and those images any less now that you know he's using a digital process?