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I'm just suspicious. Perhaps Part 4 drops the bomb and both photographers pronounce "as good as darkroom photography is, I now use EPSON printers and papers..."

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Not according to John in his latest news letter in which he mentions these Epson videos. He's 100% analog for the foreseeable future, and also intends to keep using Kodak film.
I don't think so Dale. =) That would be a hell of a bomb though! Michael is correct. Plus, I believe Epson is a workshop sponsor of Sexton, if not Weston.

As others have said there is major crossover between the inkjet and analog worlds. I plan to make analog prints as long as possible, and may even switch to wetplate if silver materials dry up. That said, I also plan to produce a handmade book in the next year or two. I will most likely print it with an Epson printer...

I think that until we see that 4th installment I'm going to just enjoy these videos for what they are! Entertaining.