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I believe Salgado Jumped the Shark with his inkjet show. Some may be enamoured with his prints, I thought they were medicore to say the least, I am being really kind here.

The original silver gelatin, and LVt silver prints were up to standard but the bulk of this project is really dissapointing to me. I have followed his work for years,and
this new work is a major let down.

He has released, silver from enlarger, silver from LVT , pt pd from digital negatives , and inkjets.
This is very confusing and some of us are seeing the good work, some are seeing the bad..

I think I would call his new work... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

viewer beware.
That's good to hear your pro opinion, Bob. I have only seen online images and honestly, not my cup of tea regardless. From what I can see on a screen, some of it is good and some of it really not. Not a lot of consistency and as you say, it may have to do with the mishmash of printing. Overall, I can clearly say that his film/darkroom output looks superior to me, for whatever the multitude of reasons may be.