I currently have a Cambo 4x5 monorail, a Speed Graphic with a working focal plane shutter, and a Crown Graphic with a working rangefinder (sometimes I swear these things breed in the closet). I'll be moving west soon and it looks like I might be traveling by plane more than doing roadtrips to shoot. I'd like a good field camera with reasonable movements that I'd be able to haul in a carry-on. I like the Chamonix and Shen Hao designs and have heard good things about both. I'd sorta prefer used for the price, but could possibly make a new one work (will likely sell the Crown either way to have something towards it). I don't want to get something really old that I'll have to repair off the bat.
Could someone do the compare and contrast thing if they've used both? I can get decent images with LF, but I don't know all the little details I might not have thought of. You can tell from my gallery here what I usually shoot. I might be doing more still life stuff in the future, but I'll still have the Cambo, too.